a creator, innovator, designer, and visual arts educator…


April Clark is a creator, innovator, designer, and visual arts educator to incarcerated youth in Chicago, Illinois. She aspires to make change in the hearts and minds of her students with self-exploration and creativity. She gains so much joy and energy when she creates live paintings, chic designs for businesses and designs new apparel for her brand called CR8. 

She also has many supporters who admire and purchase her collection of works created live in Chicago, New York, Wisconsin and Florida. Her heart is to create. You can see her heart to create by her love of art, fashion, music, and poetry. These interests emerged at a young age of 8 and has taken her to where she is today.

She loves to paint but more importantly she loves to share her thoughts, stories and unspoken words on canvas for the world to see. Art for April is therapy and one of the coolest conversation starters. She uses her work to spark conversations of her intimate moments with God, her thoughts and exploration and one of life's best teacher's "experience". 



One of my favorite things to do is create logos and marketing advertisements. I believe a logo and visual statement is a huge part of our culture. We have a list of favorite brands in clothing, goods and so much more. But what I've learned is that simple is memorable. Visually things speak to us. We were given eyes to see and with our eyes we read. We read everything around us.

When I design logos for my clients, I ask a series of questions to help me gage what they represent, offer and promote called a CREATIVE BRIEF. With the answers, I go on a hunt! A hunt for typography that speaks to their brand. Not only that, knowing a bit about their personality goes a long way in the design process. Over time I will create 4 designs for them to chose from. 

Want to know more on what LOGOS are and what essentials you need in creating one? Head over to my freebie section for a FREE PDF on 5 Essentials for an Effective Logo to get a head-start!



When you think of the prophetic you may think of verbal, auditory or a written release of the Word of God. The Word of God is now. It can edify, warn, exhort, encourage and teach. Prophetic art does the same. It has color, life, vibrancy, and knowledge. As an artist, I have been painting prophetically for about 2 years. I ventured into the arena not knowing what the prophetic was but as I found my way to a church that teaches and encourages the prophetic and deliverance it confirmed my calling and the significance of art in the Kingdom. 

Prophetic art is God's Word manifested through creativity. It can bring light, healing, deliverance, and hope to it's viewers.

  • I Corinthians 14:3   “But everyone who prophesies speaks to men for their strengthening, encouragement and comfort."

The arts meets the culture of the church with a bright and visual aspect to draw people in closer to God. It breaks barriers of those who may be deaf, or even not ready to receive the word of God due to baggage, fear or misunderstanding. 

Prophetic Art brings

  • Restoration

  • Healing

  • Transformation

  • Encouragement

Why CR8?


It all started when…

I realized the power that I held within to make things happen, and to create something that has never been. From birthing an idea that formed into something real, all while giving it a name; like Adam did way back then. Things that weren’t human beings.

There is a mandate as creations and that is to CREATE.